AOL Desktop Gold login for Windows

Problem with AOL Desktop to AOL Gold upgrade

When the users take a shift to a newer version of any software from the older one, there are generally some problems involved. This is also with AOL users that they come across hassles in upgrading from AOL Desktop to AOL Gold. However, both are desktop software and are used by countless users. Actually, there can be many reasons behind this issue. But often a faulty computer, network, router and even the software itself can be the main culprit. The users fail to follow the right guidelines to download AOL Gold on their device so you must check with them first.

Solutions to the problem with AOL Desktop to AOL Gold upgrade

  • Cross check the system requirements: Whenever you download and install a software on the device, your basic steps must be to check the system requirements. Make sure the device and software necessities match with each other. AOL Gold works on Windows and Mac OS having faster processor, memory and screen resolution with high speed and uninterrupted internet.
  • Ensure your network connection is right : ADSL modem routers are supported with AOL Gold software. In simpler terms, this software works best with the routers having adjustable settings. An N range wireless router is highly preferred as they have a larger distance range.

Follow the right steps for installation according to your membership plan

(These steps are for the users having AOL Gold trial subscription plan)

  1. First of all, get the AOL Gold membership and then perform the instructions to create a new AOL Account
  2. After you have opened an account, go to ‘Manage my subscriptions’ section and click on premium subscription tab
  3. Scroll down and click on get started button
  4. You will receive a confirmation mail having the link to AOL Desktop Gold download page for your OS
  5. Click on download link and save the setup file on the desktop of your system
  6. Double click on the file to install AOL Desktop Gold, follow the remaining on-screen instructions.

If these solutions are adopted then the problem of the update will be resolved and you will enjoy using the software and its features. Just make sure that everything is followed in the right way.