composing and sending email in AOL Desktop Gold

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When it comes to the working and accessing of AOL desktop Gold software for the user-friendly purpose, the users often tend to complain about certain issues that bother them the most. Even though this software has proved to be beneficiary for the operators all around the globe, but still it has some hiccups and bugs, which can prove to be real-time trouble and can annoy the users. Being one of the most productive and sort after programming tool, the users tend to have a lot many expectations from it. After the version was upgraded to AOL Desktop Gold, it now lays more emphasis on AOL mail and using it as a browser to access different websites. AOL mail is basically an email service that works on the AOL desktop Gold software and is used to send emails to users across countries. It works like any other email service, providing its users to compose mails, attach files and documents, giving the storage size to store thousands of mails, attaching files up to the size of 25 MB, autocorrect options, etc. The sole purpose of any emailing site is to send and receive documents, mails, etc. from one email address to another. But what if this particular feature starts creating troubles? Won’t this be a matter of concern, as you will not be able to use the email site for which it has been actually made? This blog will help you to provide with ideas of fixing the issues of composing and sending mails in AOL Desktop Gold. The steps are really simple and you can use them for troubleshooting the problem.

A guide to resolving the problem:

  • The easiest way to solve this issue is by deleting all the cookies, caches and history from the web browser
  • To compose the mails, add the mails to favorites.
  • Press the Windows + R key together to open a run window
  • In that window type, ‘’inetcp.cpl’’ and select Enter
  • Delete the browser history and log out of the account. Login back again to see, whether the problem has been fixed or not
  • Check the outgoing server settings once.
  • Host name to be
  • SSL : ON
  • Authentication : password
  • Server Port: 587
  • Check for secure internet connectivity.
  • Close all the programs that are running in the background
  • Close all the tabs

These are some of the effective methods that would prove useful in resolving the problem. If the case doesn’t get fixed even after employing the mentioned steps, then you need to update the software or install AOL Desktop Gold again in the system. If this also doesn’t work, you can always avail the help of the techies as and when you desire