AOL Desktop Gold Icon Is not working

AOL Desktop Gold Icon Is not working

Problems with software are quite common, especially the Windows users face glitches. Be it a game application software, browser, antivirus or normal desktop software, it can cause technical hassles for the users anytime. AOL Gold is a brilliant software that comes in a faster, secure and more familiar look and allows convenience for the users. It can be downloaded on Mac and Windows. But at certain times users face the snag of AOL Gold not working. It can be annoying when you want to use this software but suddenly you see it is not responding. There can be multiple reasons behind the trouble but at least you can try troubleshooting from your end.

Incompatibility, improper connection and some other software interference can be the responsible factors for the problem. Thus it is necessary to work in that area where the causes can be rectified in the least possible time and the generated output can be satisfying

Solution: AOL Gold not working

Go for the obvious i.e. internet connection – This is the first thing that you must notice. If you are using Wi-Fi connection then you must check the status and if required reset the router.

Run an antivirus – With the help of a good antivirus, scan your device for any sort of existing threats. If found any virus or malware, immediately remove it.

Perform any device updates – Mostly the software does not work when there are some pending updates on the device. So you must check and then perform them as soon as possible.

Clean up temporary or unused files – What is the need of keeping those files or folder which are of no use? So just delete them so as to make more space for the software to run smoothly.

Uninstall and reinstall the software - If nothing works, then the perfect solution you can adopt is to uninstall the software and then after checking the requirements, install AOL Gold again on your respective device.

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You must access the software regularly and explore its features. The more you know the better AOL Gold Download becomes from time. You can access your email, browse the web and also make it as your default browser.