How to Install AOL Desktop Gold

Support for AOL Gold

After purchasing a new computer, users get worried about how they will get access to their browsers favorites, bookmarks and various important data files in their brand new system. But this can be done easily by importing the important data. Consider a scenario when you want to install AOL Desktop Gold in your new computer with your existing AOL account but you don’t know how to do it? In a situation like that, you can take help from customer care team who will assist you with the process.

When you install AOL Desktop, the installation wizard will ask you to enter username and password of your AOL email account. If you are existing client of AOL email then you can enter the login credential but if you are not then you need to create new AOL email. By entering the login information you can get the access of your favorites, contacts, bookmarks stored in your AOL desktop Gold application. If you are not able to see your favorites automatically after signing in then you need to import these from your previous computer. Just follow the below-mentioned steps needed to import the favorites from your previous computer:

Just follow the below-mentioned steps needed to import the favorites from your previous computer

  • Sign-in to your AOL Gold of the previous system
  • Then click on Manage button and select to ‘save your favorites as a file on this computer’
  • Save this file in any USB drive and now connect this USB on the new computer
  • Now again login to your AOL desktop Gold account in new computer and go to Manage> Favorites
  • Click on the button of ‘Replace favorite place with favorite files’. Now you need to browse the file from your system and then upload it
  • After the successful completion of the import process, you can get a hand on your favorites

While performing the steps to import if you got stuck in between then you can try to take help from professionals who will fix the issue of download AOL desktop Gold on a new computer with your previous computers favorites and bookmarks. You can avail the help of the support team at any hour of the day without time or location constraints.