Procedure to enable/disable the browser password manager in AOL Gold

How to enable/disable the browser password manager in AOL Gold

Amongst many other features, users can anytime enable or disable browser password manager in AOL Gold. This software might seem complex to understand but actually it very easy for users. In today’s era, it is very essential to keep your personal information safe and secure from the prying eyes otherwise it can be misused in any possible way. This outstanding software keeps the security of the user’s data as its main concern. The password manager feature in this program is the best way to manage as well as organize the online passwords and credentials. Before you move further with the settings, it is important that you update AOL Gold to the latest version so that it can be swiftly accessed.

Step 1: Launch AOL Gold software and login to it using your AOL Credentials

Step 2: Click on the settings icon that is available in the front

Step 3: Go to browser option located on the left side and click on it

Step 4: Thereafter, select the passwords tab

Step 5: Choose the ‘offer to save passwords I enter on the web’ option

Step 6: Exit out of the window after doing the settings

Note: To disable the password manager, the steps will be the same but users will have to deselect the box next to the same option.

  • Click on the settings icon in AOL Gold
  • Go to the browser option followed by passwords tab
  • Use the search password field
  • Click on a show to display the required password

If all goes well then you have successfully tried enabling the password manager feature on your device. There are many other features also that you can access this software. But if there are any troubles therein then, you must install AOL Gold latest version available on the official website so as to eliminate any hassles.

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