How to Create ATT Subaccount

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ATT webmail service is famous for providing many mind-blowing features among all other email service used currently. One such terrific feature of ATT account is ATT sub-account. One can easily learn to use it and in the process, if you face any difficulty then reach at ATT email customer support number, which is available round the clock to guide you.

ATT subaccount is set up under account owner primary Member ID. The important points about ATT subaccount which must be on kept under consideration before making the subaccount:

  • The only account owner has the authority to create and manage the sub-account
  • 20 subaccount can be created under owner primary ID
  • Sub-account user can chat, manage phone feature
  • Subaccount user can disable the account but cannot delete the account
  • Email id of subaccount will not be mentioned in the bill

How to create ATT subaccount

If for example, the head of the family has primary member Id email then its family member including children/spouse can have subaccount Member ID email. Follow this guideline to create ATT subaccount:

  1. Login to your ATT mail account
  2. Go to Profile > Account users
  3. Select the account from the drop-down list you want to manage if having more than one account
  4. Click Manage subaccount users
  5. Then select Add subaccount
  6. Enter the username for subaccount with “” as the default extension
  7. Create a password for the subaccount
  8. Complete all required fields and then click ‘next’
  9. Select a security question and answer it
  10. Recheck all the input field and enter next

By following the points mentioned above if you are still not able to figure out how to make subaccount then you need to get connected with AT&T email Technical support number without any further delay. The team of the experienced and certified technicians are online 24x7 to give support and proper assistance required to troubleshoot the query. They provide an exact solution of each technical issue faced by you.