Add a Username to AOL Desktop Gold

Add a Username to AOL Desktop Gold

Even though we are so well connected through the internet and through emails, security is a growing concern because of the looming threat of online attacks and data theft. That is why email service providers are constantly developing newer and better ways to keep user information safe and secure. AOL Desktop Gold is one of the most popular services available to explore the world of AOL. It the premium version of AOL emails and has enhanced security features that make it one of the most secure browsing platforms. When you download and install AOL Desktop Gold you have a variety of options so as to securely sign in to your account. AOL users can add alternate email addresses, add their phone number or even select security questions that need to be answered in case the user’s identity needs to be authenticated. Over and above that AOL Desktop Gold users also have the option of switching between usernames. Keep reading to know more about this feature.

The most basic security measure in place for all email account, including AOL, is the username and password. Without the correct username and password, you will not be able to sign in to your AOL account. AOL offers users the option of adding usernames to AOL Desktop Gold so to give them more flexibility when it comes to signing in. This article will give you a brief idea about you to add a new username to your AOL Gold account in case you need it.

Steps to add a username to AOL Desktop Gold

  • Open the AOL Desktop Gold application on your computer. The first page that will open is the ‘Sign-in’ screen that includes specific fields to enter your login credentials i.e. AOL username and password
  • Click on the fields provided and type in your AOL username and password. While typing your login details make sure there are no blank spaces between the characters. Keep in mind that if you type the wrong password too often your account may be blocked
  • You will see a small arrow pointing down. When you click this arrow you will see an option that says “Add Username”
  • Type in the new username to be added to AOL Desktop Gold and click ‘Continue’. A new window will appear asking you to enter your password. Carefully type out the password for that username and click ‘Submit.

Now you have successfully completed the task of adding a username to AOL Desktop Gold. Once your account is added every time you open the AOL login page you will see both the usernames displayed along with the option to “Switch Username”. Simply choose the username you want, enter the respective password and you are good to go.If you have any issues logging in to your account be sure to check if you need to update AOL Desktop Gold so that you have the latest version. If you are unable to add a new username through these steps Contact AOL Desktop Gold Support Number for technical assistance.

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